Our strong point consists in our great ability of constructing high-level prototypes rapidly and of converting them into a mass production with the same promptness. In order to offer a full service, our company also possesses a production site in Rumania for the hemming and assembling of the different components produced in Italy. The wide range of directly managed workings offers to the clientele the possibility to obtain the desired solution through communication with a unique professional representative.

The workings and services proposed are the following:

  • research and development of materials
  • research for technical solutions for printing on materials
  • silk-screen printing
  • high frequency HF
  • thermoforming
  • microinjection
  • digital printing
  • Velcro – hemming
  • components assembly

We offer the following services:

  • graphics design
  • development of equipment for HF and silk-screen printing
  • wide range of materials